Your Story Your Song

Give the gift of music

Award winning recording artist, singer and songwriter, KELITA has been writing songs for years! She’s released nine of her own albums, had her songs recorded by countless others and been featured in film and TV. More recently, after writing songs for two family weddings, KELITA realized how much she enjoyed the process of writing personal songs for others.

Now KELITA is lending her gifts to you. She is turning people’s stories and memories into song and recording them. Heartfelt and compassionate, all uniquely one of a kind, these songs are created with KELITA’s special intuitive sensitivity that bears her style and trademark. To have a song created and sung by KELITA is truly the most special gift.

YOUR STORY YOUR SONGs are designed for so many types of occasions:

  • Anniversary
  • Christmas
  • Valentines Day
  • Birthday
  • Wedding Day
  • Father-Daughter or Mother-Son Dance
  • Graduation
  • Funeral / Memorial
  • Retirement
  • Mothers / Fathers Day
  • New Baby
  • An accomplishment
  • Just because!
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"WOW!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my song! It brought me to tears and that just isn’t like me. What an amazing gift. Thank you so much." Cathy Patrick

How it works

  1. You contact me, KELITA, directly! We set up an initial call discussing your song, time frame and package you would like and then a 50% deposit is required via e-mail transfer.
  2. I send you a series of interview questions and you (and your other family members) answer and email back to me. The more information I have the better.
  3. I begin the process of reading all the memories and stories and begin writing the lyrics. Often there are texts back and forth if I need clarity. Once I have completed a first draft I email to you for approval and any tweaking concerning content until you are happy.
  4. I begin to flesh out the lyrics while composing the music and the song starts taking on a life of its’ own. This is so exciting! I will also keep you updated from time to time.
  5. I learn the song and go into the studio and record it.
  6. If you choose package B then the award winning arranger/producer Gord Lemon begins the process of arranging, orchestrating and recording your song.
  7. The completed and mastered song is sent via email by MP3 and a hard copy CD, if requested, is mailed.
  8. Your lyrics are sent via email and a signed lyric sheet via the mail.
  9. You send the remaining balance including 5% GST ( Canada only)
  10. I wait patiently to hear your response and then even better, the response from the recipient of the song. THIS is such an amazing time for everyone involved and is one of the reasons I love doing this.

"Kelita is extremely talented, was wonderful to work with and created the most BEAUTIFUL gift of song that she sang at Mom’s party."  Brenda Johnson

Packages Offered

Piano and vocal
Fully produced, orchestrated, mixed and mastered
Perform your song ‘live’ at your special event. All travel expenses must be covered, plus fee. I have been known to offer my services in the Vancouver area, if I’m available, for a reduced rate.

What's Included

Included is: Song in MP3 Format, CD hard copy if required, Signed lyric sheet, Personal note to recipient from yours truly.

FEEs: Every order is unique and requires a conversation regarding pricing details. Please private message me here, or email me at\

TIME FRAME - Please plan in advance as the creative process is not a quick one and have clients waiting in line. Ideally, I like 4-6 weeks. RUSH order is possible depending on my schedule and will require extra fee.

You wrote the most amazing song for our parents. We gave it to them for Christmas, and there were misty eyes/happy tears, as we experienced this with them.
Cyndy Andela

“As I begin the process, I love sifting through all the personal heartfelt memories and stories. I get to see the love that is being given in this unique and tangible way. Whether it’s celebrating a new marriage or a 94th birthday. That is the best thing of all! I count it a real honour to be able to write and record these very special songs.”