What People Say…

Kelita testimonials

A few comments from people who have benefited from my coaching/mentoring:

“Kelita is a caring, compassionate person who is willing to listen to people and she offers great encouragement. Kelita shares her life experience openly and makes a phenomenal mentor/life coach. I am privileged to have the opportunity to chat with Kelita and to have poured my heart out to her over the past several years, always receiving Godly, timely advice” ~KV

“I have known Kelita for more than 15 years.  Through her love and prayer support,  she helped me take the steps to enter a program to deal with depression due to sexual abuse and addiction to prescription medications. Her wisdom to help and listen to such matters leaves me feeling so grateful that I have the opportunity to know her, and experience her sound counsel.” ~LM

“When I met Kelita, I had given up on life. I thought I would always be alone and worthless. My heart had been lied to, broken, lost and alone but somehow she still saw through all of it. She taught me to trust again and helped me overcome the burdens I have been put through! My life finally started changing to the good side again. Most of all she believed in me when everybody else had already given up on me. Kelita is the most loving and caring person I have ever met in my whole life… she truly IS an Inspiration to me!!

Thank you so much for being there for me when nobody else was. You are the reason I’m still here today. Most of all thank you for loving me when I have been at my worst, and for helping me to fight through it no matter what!! Please don’t ever change!! “~CH

“One of the most memorable coaching sessions I had with Kelita was when I was grocery shopping at Costco.  You have to love a coach that will ‘shop with you’.  She was there for me in a way that was BEYOND practical!  Even though we were not face-to-face (i.e. there was a cell phone between us), I felt like I was sitting next to my coach, because she was so effective.” ~JW

“I met Kelita when I was 17 years old after attending one of her inspirational concerts. Shortly before our meeting, I had fled the abusive household that I had grown up in and was suffering from severe PTSD, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, depression and anxiety. Through gentle guidance, open and honest conversation, patience, empathy and understanding, I was able to draw on her strength and courage to build trust and begin to heal from my past experiences.

Sixteen years later, I continue to share my journey with Kelita. Her unconditional love, acceptance and support have helped to redefine my character from being a victim to rising above and becoming an advocate for others. Not only surviving but thriving as a devoted wife, adoring Mother, teacher, business owner, children’s pastor and president of a professional body.”~MR

” I immediately connected with Kelita because of her warmth and loving heart.  She knew just what to say.  Every time I thought no one would understand my feelings… Kelita knew how I felt because of her past experience. 

I have seen psychologists and most of them it’s only from books that they try to understand your pain.  Kelita was different… she knew and could feel my pain and that made me feel not so much alone.  Kelita is a very loving, caring, heart-warming person who cares a lot about people.  She will lend that hand that you thought you would never feel in living with your pain…the hand that never makes you feel alone.”~ CM.

“I highly recommend Kelita if you are looking for a mentor. I felt lost, alone and stuck in my shame when I met Kelita. She came along side of me and through sharing her experiences and knowledge with me and offering kindness, love and patience she inspired me to discover the power of forgiveness and embrace my unique purpose in life.  She helped me realize that God created me that way I am – the way he designed me to be. I so appreciated her listening ear and wise insights – my life has been enriched. Thank you Kelita.” DM

“You touched my life because of your honesty and love.  You’re a down to earth person that cares and reaches out to the lost.  It’s because of your transparency that you have impacted my life and you have given me hope for being courageous in my journey.” ~CG