Have you been given the wonderful assignment of booking a speaker for your next event? And, I’ll bet you have the task to find someone who can engage, inspire, provoke, excite, educate, invigorate and also ENTERTAIN?

Well that’s fantastic! That’s EXACTLY what I do! (and more!)

I am an award-winning speaker, author and motivator who includes music and 100% clean comedy to provide messages which not only entertain but touch hearts and inspire positive, personal and professional results.

When people book me for corporate events, they do so for 3 reasons:
1. Audiences are moved,
2. People are inspired, and…
3. I’m FUNNY! 🙂

After years of delivering messages to diverse audiences, I have learned how to deliver powerful messages with a delicate balance of show, vulnerability, music, humour, education and motivation.

My Message

I came from an extremely dysfunctional family (you can read more by clicking My Story). I have taken the steps to learn how to heal and have overcome these issues and obstacles in my life and now I love to share this with people.

Over my many years of sharing my story, I have learned there are many who have not dealt with their issues and naturally, this negatively affects personal, professional and spiritual lives…thinking, self-perception, relationships, everyday choices and the like.

When I am presenting my various talks, I share a message of hope, healing and transformation from ordinary to extraordinary.

What I Do

In a non-threatening style, through a combination of comedy, music, and story, I gently encourage people, giving them permission to get in touch with their own truth and lovingly accept it.

When people are living behind resurrected walls and unable to face their fears, it prevents true self authenticity. When people are healthy within themselves, they are less stressed, feel better, are more positive, more confident, more productive, more motivated. Both businesses and home environments become profoundly affected.

These days, with more stress at home and work, more mental health issues, the costs to business in lack of productivity and sick days are ever-increasing. My positive message of hope and transformation always leaves people in a better state than when they came in.


I find laughter is a great way to disarm and engage people. When they are hit with an ‘ah-ha’ moment in one of my talks or poignant songs, which speak to their hearts…the impact is positive and often life-changing, and that’s not me saying it…that’s literally hundreds of people who have told me.

People often hire me because they know their staff is subject to lots of stress. I bring education, encouragement, and levity which is long-lasting and uniquely refreshing.

So, let’s do it! Allow me to customize an inspiring message using humour, music, and motivation and make your next event transforming and unforgettable. Your employees and clients will thank you.

More about what KELITA does for women’s groups…

KELITA ignites hearts through music, story and humour! Her original songs, zany comedic characters and inspirational speaking are a hit with women of all ages for any event. From laughter to tears, challenges to empowerment, KELITA is an honest communicator who women definitely relate to. She is approachable, extremely down to earth and her compassionate heart for others shines through.” A.M.

KELITA’s music and voice have been likened to therapy and people are deeply moved and impacted when they hear her sing. There is nothing KELITA enjoys more than encouraging and inspiring women. And it shows! The testimonies are constantly 10 ++. KELITA is a wife, mother and advocate for survivors, with so much to share. How fortunate that she has been able to take her own messy journey and turn it into an incredible life-changing message of hope, healing and love.

KELITA loves to speak to all sizes of women’s groups including conferences, retreats, fundraisers and outreaches. She has several packages of themes and would be happy to discuss them with you and your group.

 Selected Keynote Programs – Corporate

**Note: All Keynotes are customized to your industry and are tailored with your goals and objectives in mind. Unless otherwise requested, KELITA always combines her speaking with music and comedy. Below are a few of Kelita’s most requested ‘communications’.

“From Tragedy to Triumph”
Kelita’s own personal, powerful and inspirational story of overcoming.

“The 7 Essentials of Creating an Amazing Life”
Kelita’s creative presentation combines powerful inspiration with wisdom and experience. Uplifting and motivational!

“The Caring Journey – Caring for Others, Caring for Yourself”
Kelita’s powerful story and tailored presentation are especially suitable for the healthcare and education sectors.

Staff Appreciation – “Dealing with Stress in a Stressful World”
Kelita brings awareness, education, encouragement and of course fun to this ever-increasing topic of dealing with stress at home and work.

Faith-Based Keynote Programs for Women 

“Redemption Song”
Kelita’s own personal, powerful and inspirational story of overcoming. The evening takes women on a journey from laughter to tears. This is an awesome opportunity for outreach and can be tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

“Deep Dark Secret – Finding Freedom From Shame”
Using her own personal story Kelita’s educates and informs on abuse and all its’ various forms.Suitable for women’s groups.

“At His Feet”
The popular stories of three women of the Bible whose lives were radically and powerfully changed through their encounters with Jesus. Included are breakout segments for small group discussions where applicable. Great for a retreat.

“Knowing His Love is Enough”
Accepting the unconditional love of God in an age of self-condemnation and guilt. Learning to love ourselves, others and God.

“The Most Dangerous Prayer I Ever Prayed”
Kelita’s personal journey behind her advocacy project “Heavenly Night” which took her to Cambodia and into the world of restoring young girls rescued from human trafficking.

“Out from Behind the Mask” – Retreat
Acknowledging our hidden selves.  Accepting our brokenness and discovering our true Identity.

Please contact KELITA to discuss how Kelita can cater a talk for your next event.