Health Matters

How’s YOUR health?

For most of my adult life I have had a passion for researching and learning more about our health. Not just our bodily health, but our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. I’ve devoured book after book and even keep a few of my ‘go to’s’ shoved under my bed for instant access. My night stand is always piled high. Just ask my husband. I rarely read fiction.

As I continue my own personal “health” journey, I understand more than ever how our bodies, minds and spirits are so intricately woven and connected. When we educate ourselves by giving proper loving attention to these areas, we are so much better equipped to manage our crazy, busy, stressed out lives. I have personally dealt with copious amounts of stress during my life and I am STILL learning and growing.

Kelita, Health MattersI have learned alot about the inner workings of how hormones, stress and all that internal stuff…everything that makes us tired, unfocused, overweight and all the rest as we age. (You know, all the stuff we think we have no control over and just attribute to aging?). I realized we can get back feeling more focused, trimmer  and have more energy through awareness, education and application.

I want to pass on what I have learned and continue to learn. I know it takes a conscience effort to keep growing and evolving our way to abundant health on every front…but as they say…’you are nothing without your health.’
So clearly this stuff is super important!

When we respect and take good care of ourselves we improve our relationship with ourselves, with others and our world!

Here (on this page/blog), I’ll regularly share practical information on diet, exercise, lifestyle and informative, inspirational messages.

I’m very passionate about this segment and am excited to see how this organically grows and evolves. Stay tuned!

Here’s to your health! Because…your “health matters!”