New Kelita Album

Everyone Has a Story - New Album

Kelita is recording in September and we’d like you to be part of the process! It’s called Crowdfunding…

What is crowdfunding you ask?

Let me answer that by first saying the following: This new recording will be my 9th studio album. It will be entitled “Everyone Has a Story” and the songs are inspired both from my story and so many of your stories. I have heard so many of people’s stories over the years and it is incredible the challenges people face.

As most of you know, I am a huge proponent of people getting healed from their ‘stuff’…the stuff that often handcuffs them and keeps them a prisoner from having a healthy, more enjoyable life. The healing journey allows that oppressive weight so many people carry to be lifted, resulting in better self image, better relationships, better life choices to name a few.

Writing music helps me heal. The songs on this album are inspired from my own continuing healing journey and it is my hope they will assist you or someone you know on yours/their healing process.

What is crowdfunding and why did I choose to go this route?

The music business has changed significantly over the last 2 decades…and not for the better in terms of the artist. With music being basically free, the incentive for an artist to spend money recording makes no sense from a business perspective. Crowdfunding allows an artist’s fans to become more involved than ever before, and here’s how…

You, my supporters (if I may be so bold) can get involved by pledging at different levels outlined HERE. This means you can receive anything from unreleased music, unique Kelita documents, artifacts, to house concerts and even a meal with Kelita. This process allows us to become closer and helps get this new album recorded and manufactured.

Participants will also become a member of an “insiders club” of sorts where you will receive regular videos of the process plus other things which I hope will make the journey fun and exciting for all.