Naked Soul

Powerful haunting ballads that have been instruments of emotional healing and have impacted millions, especially women and those in recovery from abuse of any kind or in the grieving process. Music to heal, inspire and encourage.

Kelita’s Thoughts

This is a very special collection of songs which was nominated for a Juno Award (Canada’s version of the Grammy) for Best Gospel Album. There are several songs such as Caged Bird, Tears, Deep Need and the title track, Naked Soul which continue to impact many people’s hearts allowing inner healing to take place – all of them inspired by my own life and faith journey. This is one of my personal favourites because I know how these songs have helped so many people heal through deep emotional pain. I never get tired of performing any of these songs as they have helped me on my own healing journey!

Reviewed by Graham Jovanovic – Cross Rhythms – England UK

After overcoming a number of harrowing personal tragedies (all within the space of six years) there is a poignancy in songs that often observe relationships with God and each other with a strong personal conviction. Some of the compositions show country gospel roots in an easy going fashion whilst other tracks are quite bare reflecting the appropriate title and a singer whose vulnerability displays an identification with a universal need within the human condition. Accomplished and tasteful, this is one lady whose internationally renowned ministry is proof of endorsement, and not without good reason.