Because of Love

Her voice like no other, a style all her own but you’ll relate as she sings of life experiences with honesty and simplicity.Songs of deep love, heartache, faith and forgiveness. A musical journey towards the healing of a relationship.

Kelita’s Thoughts

Born out of several very painful years in my second marriage that endured double betrayal and rejection, this is a story of forgiveness, love and grace. Several songs were written from very deep places of pain and others from joy, reconciliation, a forgiveness and healing. It has always been my hope that our story, told through these songs, would be a tremendous encouragement to those struggling in their marriages.

Reviewed by Graham Jovanovic – Cross Rhythms, England UK

Officially recognised for her contribution to the Canadian music scene with a string of awards this singer possesses a tremendous maturity and a message of hope. Slightly more upbeat and tuneful than the previous year’s offering, this is perhaps more commercial in tone with songs that are unashamedly from the perspective of a married woman such as “Change My Man”, and also containing a duet with Hiram Joseph revealing great adaptability. Combining excellent musicianship with lyrics that have a broad appeal, the relaxed musical tone gently speaks to a number of sensitive issues with a desire to remove any pain whilst being ministered from a position of deep personal healing.