My Story

Kelita’s Story of Hope

Some of you may find my life to be not much unlike your own. Some of you are carrying hurts and emotional scars that are cut deep. My story is one of hope; hope that could be yours. I have been through heartache, loss, pain and abuse; however I’ve also experienced miracles, peace of mind, joy, forgiveness and enormous healing. For years I hid behind the masks that veiled the deep dark secrets of my life, riddled by shame, guilt, fear and self-doubt.

Early days…

As far back as I can remember the desire to sing and perform was there. Deeply wounded after my father’s suicide I wrote my first song when I was 11, instinctively acknowledging this very special gift from God. Then at age 14, shortly before my mother’s death from cancer I solidified my commitment to my faith. Two years later my half-brother, the perpetrator of my childhood sexual abuse, died from a heroin overdose. At 18, escaping the clutches of my wicked stepfather and dysfunctional family I moved 2,200 miles away.

Music & Acting

Music and acting were a positive escape for me. They fed my soul and I took pleasure in the attention, applause, and laughter. My self-worth completely hinged on pleasing others, including my first husband, who was even more insecure than me. Never living up to those expectations, for years, I ran from others, myself and my faith. Deceit, drugs, alcohol and sex numbed my misery and filled the emptiness, all the while diligently continuing the climb to music business success.

Kelita promo picture 1985
Promo picture 1985

Emotionally, mentally and spiritually bankrupt, hauling myself out of a ditch at 4 am one morning after a near fatal automobile accident, I had an epiphany. Inner strength and courage overcame me in the following days as I finally faced my own truth. I knew I had been saved by a greater power and that my new path and journey of healing and recovery would be focused and directed.

My marriage of 10 years ended, as did my dream of a US recording contract, however, I was, for the first time in my life in the best place possible. I found that facing the truth was the hardest thing I had ever had to do but the freedom that followed was nothing short of life changing and life giving.

Kelita and husband
Kelita & Gord

New Beginning…

While pulling my messy life together I remarried, had a child and began a new career directed towards encouraging and inspiring people through my music, story and comedy. Double betrayal was the next card dealt to me, as early in the marriage, while still a new mother, I faced the despair of an unfaithful spouse and a good friend.


Even when my whole existence was challenged like never before, my determination and faith gave me the strength and belief to overcome a heart wrenching experience. My husband and I fought to find a deeper love, one of forgiveness and renewed commitment. Happily married today, I am so grateful for the miracle that took place in my marriage.

Further tragedies…

Even in the midst of great healing, I lost my younger sister to a car accident and a brother to a drowning accident. My music, my comedy and my passion for people continues to bring me before audiences, reminding me that we are NOT alone. We are all forging our way through the brokenness of life and we desperately need to share our stories and our struggles with one another.


The expression of our deepest needs, longings and hurts can sometimes only be felt in a line of music or a word in a song. All these experiences and those that spring forth today continue to write the music of my life, of your life and others just like us. I am truly blessed by people who feel that my music has contributed to their healing and recovery. Some say the songs resonate with their soul, have given them hope through adversity and gradually have helped heal the emotional scars. It is a wonderful gift I have been blessed with which I feel privileged to share.

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I hope that you will discover some music of mine you need to hear and perhaps feel compelled to share with those that may need to hear it as well. You will find CD’s in my store.


After years of personal consultations with many people, and after countless requests, Kelita has created a one on one Life Coaching/Mentoring/Encouragement Program.
You can find out more HERE.