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“Your participation that night truly helped shape it to be the great evening that it was. So many people have commented to me over the past months, and each has had only positive things to say. Your incredible life story and the inspirational way you shared it with all of us, was a true testament of the great things women can accomplish. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to embrace your past and use it every day to inspire all women to “burst through that glass ceiling.” ~Bonnie Crombie, Mayor of Mississauga, Ontario

“Kelita’ s performance is so multifaceted.  Her words and music so authentic; sometimes so very raw that everyone in the audience can relate their own personal pain to hers in some way.   Even when she has you laughing uncontrollably, Kelita’s humour will inevitably leave you with a deeper message to contemplate.  It is extraordinary to watch her pull all dimensions of being human together in one act…totally a class act from beginning to end.” ~Olivia McIvor – Author, Speaker, Consultant, Change Agent

“As a business entrepreneur I’ve attended hundreds of events over the years and I especially enjoy Christine Awram’s WOW (Woman of Worth) events. While the entire event was filled with inspiring messages and great story telling of challenges overcome on each woman’s journey, none had me taking a ‘roller coaster of emotions ride’ as Kelita did.  You know a woman has traveled a very long journey and overcome a great deal of pain when you meet Kelita. Her comedic performance didn’t mask her emotions, for me, she let them out and gave every woman permission to just let go and be in the silliness of the moment. She transported me on a journey about the love and faith and forgiveness she has learned to embrace. She is funny, sassy, sexy and oh so wise!” ~Dana Smithers – Business Coach, Vancouver, Canada

Kelita, Kelita with Melinda Estabrook, Kelita on radio, motivational speaker, inspirational singer“What an honour to Host this amazing woman’s concert tonight at The Meeting House – Oakville! I have known her for close to 25 years … and she’s been such an inspiration to me! Kelita is an incredible award-winning singer, songwriter, speaker, comedian, and story-teller. A woman after my own heart!” ~Melinda Estabrooks – TV & Radio Personality

Kelita Keynote, Keynote Speaker, Christine Awram“Kelita is a powerhouse!  She weaves her beautifully written and performed music with the voice of an angel, into a unique storytelling that includes the hilarity of her comic characters.  From laughter to tears, she packs a punch that is not only entertaining and moving but deeply empowering.  This extraordinary woman will enhance any event fortunate enough to include her.” ~ Christine Awram – Founder, Woman Of Worth WOW Events, Vancouver, Canada

This is my tenth year planning the Littleton Regional Healthcare’s – Annual North Country Women’s Health Kelita, Keynote speaker, Littleton Regional HealthcareConference. While the conference is focused primarily on health issues women face every day, we seek keynotes that can inspire and engage the audience to make their experience fun as well. Kelita did all of this and more!  Her message was to never give up hope, never think that the “time isn’t right” and do whatever you need to do to fulfill your dreams.” Thank you, Kelita!” ~Gail P. Clark, Director -Marketing and Community Relations– Littleton Regional Healthcare, New Hampshire, USA Kelita, Kelita keynote, Kelita heath care speaker, motivational speaker, inspirational singer, story teller

“Kelita presented to our group of over 100 caregivers (Care Attendants, Housekeepers, Dietary Aids, Recreation Staff, LPN’s and Registered Nurses), sharing her story and wisdom through music, inspirational songs and comedy. 
Our participants LOVED her presentation, voicing great appreciation for Kelita’s openness. She touched our hearts when she reflected on her appreciation for the caregivers who support our seniors though their final journey, her own late mother- in- law included.
Much appreciated as well was Kelita’s reflection on the importance of self-care and how to maintain it  in order to be a happy and effective caregiver. An amazing afternoon, beautiful songs and stories, a very different and most compelling approach to learning.” ~ Joy Bruce – Director of Care – Augustine House, Ladner BC, R.N., GNCC, Educational Team, Fraser South Directors of Care, Vancouver BC

 “Kelita received a well-deserved standing ovation from the more than 350 florists in attendance. Her performance was personal and emotional which connected very well with the audience. Her musical vocal talent is exquisite and unique. I would recommend Kelita to any organization and or company as she will add an incredible musical flavor to any event.” ~ Tony Graaf – General Manager, United Floral Inc.