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KELITA opens a window to your soul. She writes, sings and speaks what is gleaned from her own life experiences. From a relentless life of great loss, pain and tragedy, the lessons she shares have a raw honesty that engages her audience. Kelita's ability to relate on a deep vulnerable level and express what others are feeling, gains people's trust immediately. Penetrating hearts and relying on her faith is what drives her success.



KELITA is no ordinary singer. The multi- award winning recording artist has the vocals, flair, skill and style of a superstar. Influenced by adult contemporary, country, gospel, folk and R&B (Rhythm & Blues), she is an extremely talented musical performer with a powerful vocal range and distinctive style that gives her instant recognition as KELITA.

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KELITA strongly believes that humour and laughter can change your physical and mental health. She says she would have gone crazy a long time ago if it weren't for laughter! It’s no wonder then that KELITA's clean comedic characters are such a hit with any age. Kelita's comedy has long been a part of her trademark and she loves acting up, so to speak.

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KELITA unashamedly shares her own struggles, tragedies, abuses and loss and how these life experiences have actually elevated her to a place of peace, fulfillment, and service to others. The honesty and genuineness in which she speaks about her own life compels her audience to boldly face their own truth, take responsibility and begin a new journey to healing and wholeness.

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From W.O.W. - Women of Worth

"Buckle up and get ready to be profoundly empowered and entertained."

KELITA is a 5-time Juno nominee and multi award-winning recording artist, songwriter, comedian, inspirational speaker and TEDx alumni.

KELITA is a one-name one-woman powerhouse and uber-talented artist who ignites hearts through her stories, music and zany comedic characters. She has inspired the world from Peru to the Middle East, from soup kitchens to prisons, from one soul to another.

KELITA has recovered from many tragic losses, abuses and failures, and she openly shares it all. She's a passionate advocate for women, and deeply touches and uplifts everyone she comes in contact with.

"You will laugh. You will cry.
And you will be absolutely WOWed."